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Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Gillanders Wine Cellar
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Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Robert Klenk Investment Advisor
Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - 4Pillars Dept Reduction
Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Newton Denture Clinic
Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Survivor Bootcamp
Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Magnum Automotive 2000
Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Imagine Laserworks
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Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Petrabilities Counseling
Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - Hallmark Ford Service
Surrey Coffee News Advertisement - AAA Auction Ltd

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Advertisers rejoice as you will enjoy EXCLUSIVE industry exposure, unmatched visibility, free ad changes, and consistent daily exposure to maximize your business's impact in your community. You must have neighbourhood coverage in order to target and attract those people MOST LIKELY to do business with you, and Surrey Coffee News allows you to do just that.

Without the various departments and administrative headaches of your average community newspaper, Surrey Coffee News delivers a painless, inexpensive way of grabbing your customer's awareness and motivating him or her to want to do business with you, EACH WEEK! And this is all accomplished in a fraction of the time it takes to pour over a typical newspaper.

Don’t YOU want to get your marketing messages out to the people who live, work and spend money in the communities that directly affect your business? Targeting your message to your most likely customers with laser-like precision is what we do for you on a daily basis.

Other local print media such as the Surrey Now, The Leader and Cloverdale Reporter provide the standard advertising options typically seen in newspapers. Here are just a few of the reasons why advertising in Surrey Coffee News is MORE EFFECTIVE at driving sales for your business, than any other print media:

  • Exclusivity - No other firm in your industry or profession may advertise in Surrey Coffee News while your ad runs. Monopolize your market!
  • Repetition - Consistent advertising 7 days a week, 3 meals a day, month after month, ensures maximum brand awareness and impressions on your EXACT target audience.
  •  MASSIVE Cost Savings -With such low advertising expenses, regular ad changes at no additional cost, weekly rotations to ensure your ad receives the best placing, and significant savings on multi-area advertising, you can literally save THOUSANDS over using other print media.
  • Bottom-line Results -Surrey Coffee News’s proven track record for advertising effectiveness has motivated some advertisers to remain on a waiting list for several years.
  • Visibility - Our single and double standardized ad sizes guarantee that your ad will not be overpowered; resulting in a clear, obvious presence for buyers to see your business.

Surrey Coffee News readers are literally anyone who happens to visit one of the nearly 300 Surrey Coffee News distribution locations. The majority however are between 45-65 years old, with disposable income and a propensity to frequent Surrey businesses. 60% are female and 40% are male.

On top of all these benefits (and more), Surrey Coffee News displays your ad on our website, and alerts our Facebook fans to new advertisers at NO ADDITIONAL COST! Further, whenever we attend a community event, we also draw attention to our advertisers and offer your promotional products or services to patrons at NO COST to you.

There really is no more effective way to reach your business's customers at this low of a price, with this much exclusivity, to this many people, in print, than Surrey Coffee News.

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